Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Abandon Blog!

Hi there everybody! I've finally made up my mind, after much characteristic dithering, to move over to Wordpress: my new blog is here. Please come along, and update your links.

I started this blog, with a cliche, nearly four years ago, which is so long ago it wasn't even a cliche then. Since then there have been high points and low points. Between the two, I've burbled some slightly confused nonsense, communicated some Gramscian good sense (I hope) and have learned that there are some jolly good people out there in the blogosphere (plus a few racist loonies), that sad people looking for various things (sex in South Hinksey is my favourite) think I might provide them, and not to blog when rat-arsed.

Therefore, comrades, fellow drunkards and all my gentle readers, I shall finish off this blog with a final bit of pretentiousness: ave atque vale!

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